Wetlander is the best bottom coating for drift boats

A bare aluminum or fiberglass drift boat can “stick” to shallow river rocks due to friction.  This friction grab will make floating down the river more difficult, dangerous, and abusive to your hull.  By applying Wetlander to the hull, the coefficient of friction is dramatically reduced, which allows the hull of the boat to slip and slide over obstructions, rather than getting hung up. With Wetlander, pro guides and weekend warriors alike can get through the skinniest of water, with little to no danger of spinning or getting hung up.  And those “unapproved launches“?!  Those are luge runs now; so hold on tight.

This page highlights Wetlander on drift boats specifically; For much more in-depth information on Wetlander, go to the main Wetlander site -> WETLANDER.COM

Previously, there were two brands of bottom coatings for driftboaters.  Wetlander is currently revolutionizing this market by giving floaters what they want: a super slick, flexible coating that will stay on their hull without chipping, flaking or cracking. Easy to apply and touch up, and can even be applied without flipping the boat over.

Scott Crawford Chrome Inc. drift boat with Wetlander in snow with human

“Wetlander, slick as driving snow!! I could not be more pleased with my Wetlander bottom coating… I’m sliding through the rocks of Washington’s Olympic peninsula rivers, like never before..
Chrome Inc. Guided sport fishing fully endorses Wetlander bottom coating for your drift boat needs!!”   –Scott Crawford, Owner Chrome Inc Guided Sport Fishing

“I guide fly fishing on a rugged freestone river.  I depend on my boat day in and day out.  I can’t say enough good things about Wetlander.  I run a fiberglass drift boat with gel coating.  I have found Wetlander bottom coatings out perform the typical gel coat bottoms.   Not only does the boat move quicker on the water. But those shallow riffles I used to have to drag my boat threw are a thing of the past.  I have also found Wetlander to protect the boat far more than normal gel coats do.  As advertised this stuff is slick and strong. Don’t forget your anchor at home. Because your not going to beach your boat with this stuff on the bottom, It will slide right off!” –Paul Newman, Drift Co-Owner  www.saratogaflyfishing.com

“This bottom coating proved superior and outperformed the commonly used product in everyway possible. As far as friction goes, there isn’t any; in fact, what used to take some muscle to push my boat off the trailer, now just takes a quick shove and then the mad dash to hang-on as it departs. Loading up is just as easy and feels as though the bottom of the boat is greased. If I had to come up with one word that describes this coating; it would be: “Outstanding!”  –Vince Froehlich, Pro-Guide@North Fork Angling, LLC

Here is a link to an in-depth review of Vince changing from Coat-it to Wetlander.

“It’s the best.  I used to have to push it off the trailer now it slides off.  Less strokes on the water.  Never seen nothing like it.  Thanks again”  –Owen Mansfield, Owner Rip Some Lips Guide Service

Owen Mansfield Guide Pic

“Things are going great, and people are loving your product!!  We used to move our Gluvit coated boats around the yard with a fork lift.  We can’t do that any more, because the Wetlander will make them slide right off.”  –Joe Koffler, Owner Koffler Boats

“I put Wetlander on my boat last spring, this stuff is the best bottom coating I have ever used! In low flows I slide past all other boats out pushing there way down. It has healed up very well for the abuse I have put it through. Once second coat is on and cured for several days it’s hard as a rock and sliper than sh#t !”–posted by ‘T-Jay‘ on piscatorialpursuits.com-forum
“I’m not currently using it yet but I know quite a few that have converted over to the Wetlander product and they absolutely love it. If applied correctly it will last 3-4 times longer than ‘Coat-it’ or ‘Gluv-it’. Once May rolls around I’ll be making the switch, I applied a decent double application of Coat-it this last September and it’s chipping away fast. It might come sooner if I can find a heated area to apply and dry”….posted by ‘Bantam‘ on piscatorialpursuits.com-forum.
“Before you use Glovit you much check out a product from Wetlander. I had Gluvit on the bottom of my Willies and it’s a pain to apply and does not last long running our shallow rivers here in the Northwest. I put this Wetlander stuff on the beginning of the year and it’s awesome. The first application is time consuming because I had to take all the old Gluvit off but now all I have to do is lightly sand what’s on there and apply a new top coat. It will seal the cracks and small leaks. After I mixed the solution I applied it with a foam roller and there was enough solution that I have a 1/4 inch layer on the bottom and chines. Not only is it durable but it’s slick. I can hold in water that I could never had achored before. The first time the boat flew off the trailer. I have problems beaching for lunch because it wants to slide back into the water. You absolutely must take a look at this product, it’s tougher than Gluvit or Coat it, it’s flexible, it’s durable and unbelievably slick. It will seal the pin-hole leaks in the seams and it comes in any color you want. If you decide to use this product you will not regret it. But if you do let me know and I can give you a few tricks I learned to make your job go easier.” -post from ‘FishingDuck‘ (on oregonfishingforum.com-forum)
“Just did my boat with the Wetlander. I had used Coat it for years. The Wetlander is AWESOME. The first time I launched my boat after applying it I’m glad I had my bowline on because it slid right off the trailer with not so much as a shove! It’s all I will use from now on.” – Chris Gearhart – Bent Rod Fly Fishing Adventures, www.bentrodflyfishing.com
“OK it’s been a whole season and here is my review of Wetlander. I did the three layer system. I am looking long term and am about to “touch” up the boat from all the abuse I’ve put it through during this low summer season. I bought another 1/2 gallon and didn’t mix the whole thing. I used an 11/2oz ratio so I used 13 ounces. All I had to do was paint over some of the larger scratches and I’m done. I didn’t even take the boat off the trailer and I still have plenty left for after winter and again for next spring. I don’t even want to describe how bad I abuse my boat and was having to Gluv-it every year.
If you ever see me out on the water I’ll be happy to pull over and show you what Wetlander looks and feels like on. I run a Willies with blue bottom. I was going to go green with a big yellow “O” so the fish know who is slaying them.” -post by ‘FishingDuck‘ (oregonfishingforum.com)

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